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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

cats bikes gingham a

dress ::
sandals :: sportsgirl, years ago; yep, the ones I am in the process of trying to replace

As promised, here is yesterday, part two. Me and some friends (thanks heaps, guys) had a bit of evening fun. My kind of evening, really: bikes, friends, cats and then a splash of gin at the pub!

I feel like this post touches on a couple of other things, too. One is how hard it is, especially when taking photos of yourself, not to pose, or try and show your good side. There is a hilarious moment on some telly advert for something or other where a young woman promises to not make the same pouty-posey face for every photo taken of her. I'm all for it!

The second thing is the wearing over and over again of clothes. I said I'd get lots of wear out of this dress and it's true! I like to buy things I know I will get a lot of use out of, weather they are vintage, op shopped, or fast fashion items. But this is something for another post... for now, let's enjoy summer evening and friendly kitty cats!

cats bikes gingham d
cats bikes gingham c
cats bikes gingham b
cats bikes gingham e


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