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Saturday, February 25, 2012

laneway hair l

Last week I had the pleasure of having a day to myself and being pampered at The Laneway Salon in Brighton... to get a new hair colour! They very kindly fitted me in on a busy Wednesday and undertook the difficult task of making me a red head. I've wanted to do it for so long, so I'm chuffed!

laneway hair j
expert colourist and Senior Stylist Gabi

I have been a brunette for over two years now, dyeing my hair almost-black on a regular basis, so going so much lighter was definitely a job for the professionals. I felt very lucky to have expert colourist Gabi in charge. I have so much hair, it's coated in so much shop-bought hair dye... a big job indeed!

The whole team made me feel welcomed straight away. We spoke of what colour I wanted, and what could be achieved. I decided on a deep coppery shade.

laneway hair h
laneway hair c

My hair had three distinct colour bands: my natural colour at the roots, a darkish brown for the middle bits – where the damn almost-black dye, although permanent, had been washing out for months, and I don't know why! – and then pretty much black ends. I've gone from black to red before, and know how tricky it can be, so I admit, I was a little nervous..!

laneway hair i
laneway hair b
I love the beautiful period details and modern touches in the salon

laneway hair f
yep, two pairs of hands!

And I needn't have been. Gabi and the team did a fantastic job. I'm usually quite cavalier when it comes to hair bleach – I don't care if my hair feels like cotton wool; in fact, that helps with curling, so bleach away, I say! – but Gabi is very careful of hair condition. She also explained that too much lightening in one go would not only damage my hair, but make the red colour wash out more quickly, too. Boo. Do not want that. So, after a mild bleaching sesh, my hair still feels like... my familiar silky hair!

But, the best bit: what is my new colour?! Here it is. I love it!

laneway hair a

laneway hair k
left to right: Keely summers, Gabi Forster, darling salon owner Paula Kelso, Tahlea Bronsgeest, Mel Tosin

So, a HUGE thank you to all at The Laneway for making my red head dreams come true. You can also visit them at their Mordialloc Salon. If you are a facebooker – well, who isn't, apart from me, of course you are! – check them out here. And they have a great blog too – something I love to see visually based businesses do, and they do it well – so check that out for their news and inspiration. And I can't wait to start blogging with my new hair! x


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