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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Re-reading North and South or re-watching the TV series (BBC 2004),  I can never avoid figuring out the dreaded event, pushing myself  a step ahead the words “the end “.  By dreaded event, I mean the meeting between  Margaret Hale and Hannah Thornton as John’s wife-to-be and mother-in-law to be.  Not an enthusiastic one, I guess, with poor embarassed John between them hoping they could get on well together somehow for his sake. 
I've written a guest post about "The Two Women in Mr Thornton's Heart" for  A North and South Celebration , the event celebrating Mrs Gaskell's novel at Melanie's Musings this week.
I'll wait for you there, then. Join the discussion and contribute your opinion, if you feel like doing it. Melanie and I will be glad to read your comments. 
- How do you imagine their first meeting as in-laws to be?
- Do you think young and old Mrs Thornton will get on well together? 
- Will they leave apart their pride and their strong temper for John's sake? 
- Can the love they share for him lead them to love each other?


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