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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

shoes storage a

Finding a place for all my shoes has been no easy thing. I have, oh, just one or two pairs, um, maybe well a few more than that, and they need somewhere to live. A bookshelf was a great idea for a while, but I found it took up a bit too much space. I like the idea of keeping them in their boxes and having a photo on each one, but really, let's be honest, that's just never going to happen. Those fabric shoe holder hanging things don't seem to save that much space. And I'm definitely not quite at the point if keeping things in my oven. (My freezer, now, that's another story!) So, what to do with them?

They now live under my two clothes racks, where I can see them – and I can see them next to most of my clothes, too. I am terrible at getting rid of my old shoes; even when they're beyond both wear and repair, I have a habit of holding on to them for no good reason, other than as dust collectors, space cloggers and reminders of the favourite shoe-ness of them that is now no more. I need to have a good cull. I like the idea of having a smaller amount of perfect things... and then I like variety, too... it's a bit of a clash so the much-needed cull will be interesting.

And then, the actual order of things. Do I sort them by colour, by style, by season? Or do I accept that a tiny bit of chaos at this point might not be such a bad thing, and anyway, it's how I tend to like things?

shoes storage b
shoes storage e
shoes storage f
shoes storage d

Perhaps help is at hand (or foot) as Babycat has now thoroughly inspected the rows. I think she is thinking it over. Maybe she thinks I have too many. Or maybe she prefers things after she's knocked them over. Perhaps that is her organisational nirvana. Or maybe she is just as foxed as I am.

But tell me, how do you keep your shoes?

shoes storage g


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