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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

vintage red bow f
jumper, skirt, shoes :: asos
velvet hair bow :: vintage bow tie

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post – it's funny, but I am always a bit nervous when I try something new! So silly. Anyway, it's cold all of a sudden here. At least I think it is. Low 20sC? I don't know any more. I think I've acclimatised or something. Whether it is warm or not, this morning I reached for tights and a jumper when getting dressed!

I love my asos brogues. Although wearing a flat shoe (just one? no, no) has taken some getting used to in terms of how it looks, I must admit I love it! I could run around all day in total comfort – a good thing, because run around all day I did!

I also realised that I am wearing one label top to toe – hmm, this is new. It does feel a bit strange. That said, I love all these pieces, and hey, there is a vintage velvet bow tie involved!

I wonder if this is the end of summer?

vintage red bow i
vintage red bow g
vintage red bow h
vintage red bow c


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