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Monday, March 19, 2012

check pants bike a >>>>>Silk blouse by Cue, a few years ago, still as new – love their stuff 
rust coloured bow, at neck, from... a parcel? See, you can recycle all that packaging! I love the colour 
pants, and gloves, from an op shop 
shoes are the old old old sportsgirl (sportsgranny!) ones, which I have replaced but the new ones aren't for bike riding 
bag is by asos… and is great for bike riding!

On Sunday I eventually dragged myself off my comfy couch and away from images of the recent Carven show, and went on a bike ride. It was the perfect day for it: warm, sunny, but not too hot, and not too windy. I haven't ridden my bike enough over the summer and I really miss it. And what could be a nicer reintroduction than a gentle pedal down to Edinburgh Gardens, slip streaming your loved one?!

I know – I have learned, the hard way – never to trust Melbourne's "great bike riding weather" days. They may start still enough. Maybe a gentle, welcomely cooling breeze flows through your hair, or at least the bits it can reach through your helmet, later on, but by the late afternoon the chances are it will have picked up from a light breeze and turned into something just shy of a gale.

So, I like to wear pants, or shorts, to ride, at this time of year.

For this ride, I wore my green and rust check pants. I love these, and have had them for ages, but haven't worn them that often. I like the tweed-like pattern and the high, belted waist. So good for bike riding! I look forward to wearing these more this Autumn. check pants bike gcheck pants bike hcheck pants bike ccheck pants bike b >>> I have no idea why I look so grumpy in these pictures. When we got to the park, we bumped into a friend of ours, who was out walking his dogs. Meet Jasper! I think Jasper was inspired by my earlier posing. check pants bike lcheck pants bike ocheck pants bike mcheck pants bike j >>> I definitely need to do more of this bike riding, dog patting thing now the weather is backing off! Proper Autumn is so close now, and I can't wait! check pants bike f


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