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Friday, August 31, 2012

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good concealer babycat
Happy Friday from me and Babycat! These were actually taken last Monday. After a long, tiring week, I only got two hours of sleep on Sunday night and OUCH did it show. I bought a new concealer/corrector product to use with my regular concealer as I have dark under eye circles at the best of times, and it really works a treat... with the darkness, anyway. There ain't nothing you can do about the facial geography and red eyeballs of tiredness. I want to do a post on these products, and on good foundations for pale skin (I know a lot of you can empathize with the difficulty of finding the right shade) too, but wanted to ask you first: would you prefer a video, or a pics post? I can promise you that any videos will be short and to the point!

Babycat likes doing hangs with me when I get ready in the mornings – or maybe, just maybe, it's something to do with that room being the only sunny, warm room in the house. I am getting so much wear out of these shoes, and I love these bow tights as they give me the perfect excuse to bust out a bad pun: peek-a-bow!

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