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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

vintage alaia b

Hello, again. Sorry for the absence; I got flu (yep, proper bed-ridden flu) last week. Again! But I am returning, slowly, to normal now. I just wanted to explain where I've been!

vintage alaia a

(See, I am in fact wearing a top!)

This is my beloved vintage Alaia skirt. I picked it up in an op shop (yes, I know) that had no idea what it was – hooray! It is suede, navy and dark olive, and has beautiful draping details over the hip which I tried to capture here, in the last of the day's light, but I didn't quite succeed. Nevermind, I love this skirt and will be wearing it a lot in the last few weeks of winter – and in the first cold weeks of spring, too – so I am sure I can get some better pictures for you before long.

In other news... floorboards, blah blah, paint swatches, blah blah blah blah... I am so excited about doing this room I need to talk about it at least once a day and am becoming just a little bit obsessed. Which shade of green? I love having the room (and our bedroom, too, which is also getting the floorboard treatment) almost empty. I won't want to put much back in! I can't wait to get it all together. I am thinking of doing pics as I go along – would you like to see them?

vintage alaia c


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