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Sunday, August 21, 2011

On 22nd August 1485 Richard III, the last of the Plantagenet kings of England died fighting at Bosworth. The last king of England to die in a battlefield. On 22nd August 1971 Mr John Armitage decided to call his son Richard after the king he so much admired despite Shakespeare's distorted portrait of him as  a deformed, awfully wicked tyrant. 
This is why today it is doubly special to me. Honour to the noble king defeated on the battlefield and scorned by his victor's historians and happy 40th birthday to a very special person, an incredibly gifted man and talented actor who was christened after him by his father. 

Happy birthday to Richard Armitage! 

There are blog parties, twitter-parties, facebook parties going on all over the Net and you can join the joyful cRAziness all over . I just wanted to make my best wishes briefly but truly,  deeply , heartily felt. I hope Richard can  deservedly celebrate his 40th birthday with his mates in the great adventure down there in Hobbitland and have a terrific time. A toast to years ahead full of health, satisfaction, joy and success!

  Buon compleanno, Richard!


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