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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

tie b

Usually, when I post daily outfits – or anything for that matter – I like to have things as picture ready as possible. Not picture perfect – I'm never picture perfect, and never will be – but, you now, I try to at least pretend that hai! I'm ready for my close up!

But life gets in the way, really, doesn't it. Real life. I know that I have often done at least part of my day before I get a chance to take any pictures, so my hair is a little ruffled and my makeup is not only-just-applied fresh. But that's ok. I think a bit of realism in this escapism world of blogging is not always a bad thing. Note the shiny black bin liners here; the glamorous way I store some things while we paint our floorboards.

tie a

So, in this case, I'd already been out and about for the morning. I even went to a shop (something I hardly ever do) and tried on dresses. I rarely try things on. Not properly. Definitely not if it involves pulling something over my head, because that means it gets pulled over my hair and my makeup too. Faff. But today, I did it, as vintage dresses need to fit. And vintage dresses sometimes have tiny head holes that really mess everything up! I'd sorted my self out enough for the trip home (sans any new dresses, sadly) and then took some pics.

But something was just, well, not quite right.

See, my cat knows it – she does not care for my hair.

tie c

As I had to go out again later, I thought I should see what I could do. Maybe a hat? I've been busting to wear my new-old bottle green beret, but it hasn't really been cold enough. But… bad hair is still bad, even under my hat.

tie f

It was obviously time to get the hairbrush. As I'd had gel in my hair earlier (and there was a lovely bit of finger wave-like action involved, I promise you) I knew that the only answer lay in more gel. And, to go with my slicked back hair, which was going with my shirt and tie, how about a little kiss curl? These have never really stayed put on me before, because I had never used gel. I am now not only over my gel aversion, I am converted. Love the stuff. Kiss curl stayed put. Gelled kiss curl is invincible! And I have spent enough time already to worry about the little fluffies at the side there. This time, I can live with that. Next time, I might be a little bit closer to picture perfect. But probably not.

tie g

tie d

tie e


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