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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Though living in Italy, I've read pretty much from the other side of the world recently, more precisely Australian authors. I'm really grateful to the Net and the blogoworld for letting me wide my scope so much. Among the new Australian writers I've met and interviewed, and whose work I've read and reviewed, Elisabeth Storrs . Her first novel The Wedding Shroud is set in Italy in ancient times, Early Rome, and it has actually hooked me. Now it's someone else's chance to be enchanted by the Etruscan world and mesmerized by the characters in this novel. I've picked up the name of the winner of the autographed copy given away by Elisabeth Storrs on occasion of my review here on Fly High! has chosen and I'm going to announce it!

Congratulations to Elysium !!!

And many thanks to Elisabeth Storrs for granting FLY HIGH's readers a signed paperback copy!

The Wedding Shroud in now available both as  a paperback and in the e-book/Kindle format. Check out  all the possibilities  HERE.


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