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Monday, August 29, 2011

leather pencil skirt c

For pretty much all of August we have had really warm weather. August is meant to be cold – it is winter, officially, after all – and September is often freezing, too. And while about a month ago I was feeling the drag of having had several cold months already, at least when it came to getting dressed, I am not tired of winter yet. Not by a long way!

I think most people get a bit tired of whatever season it happens to be when it comes to thinking of what to wear. Except, of course, those people who just love the heat and never want summer to end.

I'm definitely not one of those people. I love cold weather dressing, and although I don't love standing bare footed on chilly floorboards while getting dressed, I adore the layers, the tights, the scarves, the hats... and I am being denied! I have ties to wear with shirts and jumpers and wool skirts and berets, but it is just not, well, wintery enough here.

Yesterday we had a cold day by our recent standards – I didn't need a coat. A cardigan over a blouse was enough. Don't get me wrong, I love this in spring, but please, let me have my cold fun times until October!

leather pencil skirt b

glittery cardigan : forever new
peach pussy bow blouse : op shop
black leather paneled pencil skirt : op shop
rust coloured tights : forever new
shoes : jeffrey campbell

Don't I look just so damn serious?!

leather pencil skirt d

leather pencil skirt a

I got this black bracelet yesterday, and put it on straight away. I love how matte it is. I have been looking for a matte black necklace too – quite short, really chunky – that I absolutely need to wear with a number of things. I just can't find the right one anywhere!

leather pencil skirt y

Now, I have a confession to make: I haven't done my hair all week. Shh, don't tell anyone! Seriously, though, I wanted to try wearing it au naturel, just to see how it felt. (And it felt pretty uncomfortable when it got snagged in my cardigan's glittery bits!). I do quite like wearing it straight and simple, now that it's so long, but I am already excited about actually styling it again. Today, I think a front roll is going to happen, and there will definitely be some finger waves soon..! Which I'll blog, of course! (I might have to find a different spot for photos, though, as my plain mint green wall is our old bedroom is pretty jpg-y...)


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