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Friday, August 26, 2011

dandelion latte b

Well hello! I had a lovely lazy afternoon on Tuesday. (Wouldn't it be nice to have more of those?!) I sat in the sunny window of a nice cafe in Collingwood and satisfied my new-found addiction of soy dandelion lattes (a friend got me onto them, and there's no stopping me now! They're sooooo gooooood) and made a list of things I want to do, including here on the blog.

dandelion latte h

dandelion latte a

dandelion latte e

I had some good company.

green eye shadow g

And then I was joined by more good company!

dandelion latte f

And I was wearing my white Victorian-y dress (remember, from this post?) and... green eye shadow. What can I say? Coloured eye shadow is my new toy! But more pictures on all that soon.

green eye tree house

dandelion latte g

dandelion latte d

One of the things I added to my ever increasing list of things I want to do on the blog – and it is getting very long! – is a how to post on pin curls. I'd like it to be a tutorial on pin curls for beginners, though, as I think pin curls can seem a bit daunting initially (setting patterns! setting lotions! just getting the damn things to stay in place! and... after all that, will it actually work?! argh!) and I would like to take the mystery out of it! I might even bump it up the list ahead of my coral blush tutorial that I have been promising for forever and a day. Who knows, they both might even happen next week!

dandelion latte i

dandelion latte c


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