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Sunday, March 18, 2012

After months of promising, finally filming and editing, and then more months of not actually posting it because the music issue was a bit annoying and I couldn't find a way around it... here it is: my video on how I do my hair in a vintage style back roll!

Of course it should really read how I did – my hair is a touch too short now, but soon I will be able to do this style again. If I don't cut my hair again first, which I am pretty tempted to do..!

I turn around at 2.50mins to show how I do this from the back. I thought that a video of only the back of my head might not be ideal (not to mention pretty anti-social!), and you can see other how-to things from the front, too.

This was possibly the hardest thing regarding vintage-style hair 'dos for me to learn, and did take a bit pf practice, so don't be put off too easily if you find it a bit tricky at first! I learned a few things along the way:

+ I find it easier to do if my hair is curled, as it sticks together and somehow seems lighter, and so the roll stays up easier and feels more secure

+ I used to use a lot more hair pins than I do now, but still just stick in as many as I feel the roll needs, at the sides to keep the rat in place (and the hair that hides it!) and then along the top of the roll, pinning the roll to the hair where they join, right next to the head (see why videos are good for this sort of thing???!!!)

+ lots of hairspray helps with my hair. You might or might not need this much.

Anyway, I hope it helps! Any questions, please just ask :)


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