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Monday, March 26, 2012

I know many people who are jealous of their books and , actually, I am quite jealous of  mine, too. However, what I love much more than to keep them on my shelves and dust them - I've got several hundreds of them kept in every room of my house and go on receiving new ones every day-   is to spread the love for books and reading. So,  to that purpose, I'm always glad to lend them to family and friends or give them away. Hence, more than "operation Spring Cleaning", which sounds something like "let's get rid of bad stuff", my contribution to this giveaway hop was more "let's spread the love"!
It seems many of you liked the idea and found interesting titles they'd love to get and read. Thank you! Unfortunately,  I only could make two of you happy and these are the names I picked up through

1. Rea from Netherlands wins A. Dumas, The Black Tulip and  N. Roberts, Heaven & Earth

2. Patty from Italy wins A. Grange, Henry Tilney's Diary and P.D. James, Death Comes to Pemberley.

Congratulations  to Rea and Patty.  I hope they'll enjoy their new reads.

Many thanks to Inspired Kathy at  I Am A Reader, not A Writer for hosting this Giveaway Hop


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