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Monday, March 19, 2012

New York City can feel so dark and dreary during the winter (puddles! gray buildings! umbrellas whacking you!) that it's always a restorative breath of fresh air when the sun comes back out. Everyone pours out of their cramped apartments, and the city comes alive. This weekend felt like summer, with blue skies and cool breezes. Hope you had a great one, and here are a few photos we snapped this weekend, if you'd like to see...
On Saturday, we rode bikes across the Brooklyn Bridge (this was the view from my bike seat!)...
We headed to the glorious Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo. You can see the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridges jutting out from each side, and hear the subways rattling noisily across them every ten minutes. (Our friends got married in this park a few years ago, and they had to pause their ceremony whenever the subways clattered overhead:)
We chilled in the grass (and I showed off my newly orange toes:), while Toby ate raisins and gazed at the enormous historic carousel that opened last summer...
So, we decided to buy tickets (the attendants' T-shirts say "Pony Up $2!") and take a spin on the carousel.
As we climbed on, Toby suddenly got freaked out by the horses (he cried at first!) so we sat together on the sleigh. (Note the other freaked out baby sitting behind us:)
Look at the rad backdrops in these photos!
We met up with our friends and headed to a nearby playground to hang out...
Dumbo is such a spectacular neighborhood. (This was just a random view we had when we walked to the deli to buy a snack!)
The next day, we headed to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights, which is chock full of vintage subway cars. Toby's head almost exploded.
Taking photos was tricky because he was so excited and giddy that he literally ran everywhere. Just ran!! A little boy's dream come true:)

Oh, New York, sometimes we forget how great you are in the winter, but then summer comes, and we feel guilty for ever complaining. We love you! xoxo

(Toby's plaid shirt at top by Pearls & Popcorn; overalls by Carters)


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