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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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Yesterday I was at home sick, thinking about maybe doing a post on nice things to do when you are at home sick, and half enjoying lazing at home – in my finest peignoir, naturally – when I was reminded of family dinner plans for the evening!
I hadn't worn makeup for a couple of days and really looked forward to it. I used some nice new products, and I will show you what ones in my next post! I also set my hair on Sunday, after several weeks of not doing it, and was pretty pleased with how well it turned out. (Better weather makes such a difference!) In fact, my hair was so big and curly I had to put it in rolls! I will never complain about big hair..! I am still loving the red. I washed the mirror, too (that bit about only half enjoying being lazy; the other half means I keep getting up to do things here and there) and need to actually clean it properly! Yeah, something to really look forward to ;)
I wore my black and red rose print full skirted dress from etsy, and a hand knit shrug from a second hand-y opp shop-y kinda place – I'm loving this Autumn weather! And dinner was homemade meatballs – totally worth getting off my sick bed for... and medicinal, too, as I am much better today! Which is good – I have so much I want to post about and need to get my cold-addled self back up to speed!


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