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Saturday, March 31, 2012

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After 2 weeks and 6 days I went and had the shellac on my nails removed at Miss Fox. I know some of you were curious about how my nails would be afterwards, so, here they are. Fine, as you can see! You're not supposed to pick or peel the shellac off so of course I did (both my index fingers – you try resisting!) and there is a reason why you shouldn't do it. Still, it wasn't that bad at all – nothing a quick buffing couldn't fix – and the rest of my (non-picked-at) nails were completely fine. In fact, the shellac stopped them breaking off, and so they've grown to a nice length. I was also very kindly given some solar oil, which supposedly helps nourish nails – let's see how it goes! It smells like almonds and cherries so it's off to a good start. You're meant to use it twice a day, so it's sitting here on my dressing table where I can see it, which hopefully will lead to me using it. Now, to paint my nails myself. I think pink this time?

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