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Thursday, March 22, 2012

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yellow skirt (by cue), black and white shoes, black belt :: thrifted
vintage yellow gloves :: thrifted
black and white silk pussy bow blouse :: witchery, about three years ago
black pearl cardigan, with faux fur collar :: asos
cape :: asos, thrifted
silk YSL cami, worn under blouse (I told you there were layers!) :: thrifted

Well, it seems my wish for colder weather has been delivered. I woke up to howling wind and rain this morning, and in the dark, too! Definitely different from yesterday, when I wore a vintage sundress and floral wedges and suddenly wanted it to be warm enough for such things for just a little bit longer. I've had a fever all week, which feels rather Dickensian – or perhaps Etta James-ian, seeing as it is very much a 24-7 one – and found that wearing my wedges was uplifting for more that just my stature. I felt so much better after putting them on and kept them on through the evening, if not quite through the night…

Anyway. Sudden drop in temperature means sudden addition of lots of layers. I got this pale mustard, high waisted and belted skirt a couple of weeks ago and am happy to be able to wear it now. I love yellow, from softer, paler shades through to deep mustards, and I think these colours work especially well with red hair. The black and white shoes were good for the rainy morning and definitely called for the matching black and white pussy bow blouse. And it was cold enough for gloves! These vintage ones match the yellow skirt, and my yellow scarf, in exactly the same shade, would have been the perfect finishing touch for my hair, if only the scarf elves hadn't hidden it wherever they hide these things. Next time! The cardigan and faux fur collar were much needed, as was my cape, too, which you've seen before here.

Hope you have great weekends! I am hoping to squeeze in some vintage
shopping, some gallery visits and definitely some late lunch somewhere nice!
What are your plans?


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