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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

vintage blue wool a

So see how the last few posts have been about hot weather? Well, Melbourne's weather being so uniquely Melbourne-y, the temperature dropped, overnight, and we had a day or two of winter coldness. Honestly. It is hard to keep up at this time of year!

This early 1960's dress arrived the night before the coldest of the cold days. It's my first wool plaid dress; I went to a convent secondary school and the uniform included a kilt, and that put me off for oh, only over a decade. If you saw my old uniform you'd understand. Still, I loved the look of wool plaid vintage dresses, especially the later 50s and earlier 60s ones, so I knew I'd try one eventually. I also knew it would have to have some kind of detail, and this one does! I love the band that comes around the front of the waist, and oh, look – a bow! Ha! Believe it or not, it's wasn't the bow that got me, but the contrasting band detail (does this have a name? It's almost like a cummerband, but it's only at the front) really makes it special for me. It was so nice and warm, too – ok, I love vintage fitted wool plaid dresses! I have a hunch I might just be stocking up on a few for next winter... which I am already thinking about. Oh dear.

I will try to get some more head-to-toe shots in next week. They do tend to be helpful if you are doing an outfit shot! We have been re-sanding the floor (insert silent scream of frustration here) so with everything moved about, I can't fit me in! I will also do some posts that I'm not actually in at all as I think we have had quite enough of my face for a bit. I have some vintage beauty books I have been wanting to share with you. I don't have a scanner but I can work around that. Would you be interested? My favourite one is from 1935 and it's pretty awesome!

vintage blue wool d

vintage blue wool f


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