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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is the eleventh entry in a series in which I'll countdown my 20 favorite scenes from the last 10 years in movies. To catch up more with the idea of this project, to see the other entries on the countdown, and to find out how you can contribute, click here.

It probably wouldn't be too difficult to compile a list of the 20 best scenes from David Fincher's The Social Network—a film that I just can't get enough of. Seriously, since I saw it in theaters for the first time just over a year ago, I must've rewatched it ten times. It doesn't get old, and I find something else I love about it every time it's on.

The scene I'm highlighting today is a small one, but definitely one of the best in the film, in my opinion. It's at a point when Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) has pretty much lost our allegiance. We see that he's not exactly a victim, and worse than that, he's perhaps a bigger dick than we thought.

Here's some poor lawyer just doing his job, and Zuck drops this bomb on him. Though, really, who would sit politely and listen to their character being stomped on day after day? It's obviously a very well-written scene, and Trent Reznor's score accentuates all the right notes.

I guess I can't really say much else. I just think this seemingly small moment speaks volumes about who this man is, what he thinks of himself, and how he views himself in relation to others. It's also about as villainous as one of 2010's most interesting characters gets.

Tomorrow, one of the funniest scenes ever—a scene that could only be done once. Any guesses?


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