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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wedding g

Last Saturday two of our great friends got married. The wedding and reception was at Matteo's in North Fitzroy. Best way to do it, I think – I am taking notes for my own wedding!

wedding j

The bride was the most beautiful bride ever. Gorgeous hair and earrings, and a beautiful lace dress with amazing buttons down the back.

wedding o

wedding n

The groom looked so immaculate and smart, and even had a piece of material from the wedding dress in his pocket. What a wonderful detail!

wedding l

And he had amazing lego cufflinks, too. More wonderful details! It was SO him, I love it.

wedding e

I love seeing what other guests are wearing, too. This burnt orange dress was stunning.

wedding f

The bathrooms had these  birds on the walls. Yes, I take photos in the toilets. I know, I know. But I love these birds, and I want them in my house!

wedding k

A fellow contrast seam stocking wearer on the night. She looked great, and came up and said hello. We bonded over shoes. She was lovely!

wedding m

I love sparkly things in hair 'dos.

wedding d

Pom poms – or pon poms, which I've heard is the correct term!

wedding h

So much delicious food. I like having my food, and fresh, chilled champagne, bought to me at regular intervals. Yep, I could get very used to that.

wedding a

wedding i

wedding c

When my friends take sneaky pictures of me eating, they do manage to make it semi-flattering.

wedding q

Well, some of the time. It was a ginger chocolate mousse. It was the best mousse I've ever tasted. Can you tell?!

And then it was time to jump into cars and taxis and head further North for the after party!

wedding b


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