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Sunday, October 16, 2011

green bedroom b

As you all know I have been painting our bedroom. It has only been our bedroom for a couple of months now, and we are prepping the floorboards previously hidden by carpet, too! Big work. Plumbing issues in our neighbouring bathroom are slowing down work on the floor, but the painting is slowly coming along. I am just really super picky with getting the colour just right! We have three samples up so far, and they are all close, but not quite perfect. I have learned from being here a while how much this particular light affects the end result. This room gets early morning sun, lots of shade from all the big leafy trees outside the enormous (full wall!) window, and not much direct sunlight at all. In fact it's a pretty dark room, despite that huge window. I want it to be cosy and calm, without being gloomy... it's tricky! Here is where I am up to. I am using that little vintage wooden and velvet picture frame as my inspiration...

green bedroom a

green bedroom e

green bedroom f

green bedroom c


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