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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Info Post
I wanted to explain why there have been no new posts here for the last week or so. I was informed by several visitors through e-mail and the Space: 1970 Facebook page, that they were getting malware alert warnings when they visited the site. Upon investigating, I discovered that asshole hackers/hackbots had installed malicious code within one of my online accounts, an account where I store many of the image files used on my various websites and blogs, including this one.

My wife, much more computer-savvy than I, went into the account, found intruder code and deleted it. The site was re-submitted to Google for examination and approval. I don't know if it has cleared Google's scanners as yet, but I haven't seen any new warnings in my Firefox or Explorer browsers. If anyone is still getting warnings, please let me know.

I didn't want to post anything new here until I (hopefully) had the problem taken care of.

With luck, everything will be cleared up by November 1st - the second anniversary of this blog. Keep your fingers crossed, Star Kids.


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