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Thursday, October 27, 2011

che party u

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to a party at Che, a boutique eye wear store on Smith Street, Fitzroy. I love – LOVE – vintage glasses – even before I first laid eyes on Jarvis and Graham waaaay back in the early 1990s I loved those big black NHS frames, and I still do, despite their latest hipster status. I love black cats eye frames even more. I would happily wear glasses rather than contact lenses. And you know what? I actually have dodgy vision, but it's only in one eye (will I ever tell you which one? Maybe one day! Perhaps you've seen me squinting cross eyed, and now you know why...) and it's something that can't be fixed by glasses. It's a cruel world. Cruel!

But back to the fun times! Here are some shots from the night. Some of these pieces are original vintage from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s – and they are pretty damn cool. Come to think of it, I read so much that I am pretty sure I could do with a check up..!

che party b

It was lovely to see some other lovely Melbourne bloggers there too – lovely Cheryl of Busichic and Carly Smaggle. Hello!

che party a

che party n

che party d

There was tea and bubbles available – I went for bubbly!

che party m

che party l

Two lovely people who helped make this happen – that is the owner on the right. Lovely chap who knows a lot about his craft!

che party k

che party f

che party e

che party h

The ones above with the silver frames are from the 1940s.

che party j

Perfection part one above; perfection part two below!

che party i

And I am afraid I broke the fashion party rules and actually ate one of those pretty cupcakes. They taste as good as they look. Yum!

che party y


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