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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

cupcake dots h

Today I wore my 1940s chocolate wool skirt with a pale pink cardigan with faux pearls, terracotta tights and my conker shoes. I do love this skirt, with its woven details in terracotta, pale pink, pale yellow, pale blue and cyan. Writing it out like that makes it sound really loud, but they are so small that its not at all! I do like how it means the skirt matches a whole range of colours. Practicality as well as beauty in clothes, right?! ;)

cupcake dots l

The skirt also has little button holes, for buttoned braces. Although I got the skirt NOS – complete with the lovely origianl 40s swing tags, yay – there were no braces (suspenders!) with it. Of course, braces tend to have button holes, and are attached to buttons actually on the skirt/trousers, so I think finding button-y braces might be a bit of tall order! I think I will get a nice slim terrcotta grosgrain ribbon to weave through as a belt instead. And that is the last time I type terracotta in this post!

cupcake dots m

cupcake dots n

cupcake dots e

Whilst at the supermarket today, I spotted (ha) these polka dot (see?) cup cake holders. And then I saw these pastel coloured silicon cupcake 'tins'. And then, of course, a baking session ensued! Well, what would a vintage style blog be without cupcakes?! I actually made savoury muffins for the silicon thingies inaugural bake, which turned out really well. So well, in fact, that I made a post about them – but that is for next time. This post is dedicated to some comedy posturing from me :)

cupcake dots g

cupcake dots i

This outfit was perfect for a freezing cold, rainy morning, when I had to be in the car and on the road by 7.15am. Ouch! So very early. Getting up in the dark is not much fun, but warm comfortable clothes really do help. I am wearing a silk (vintage YSL, no less) cami and an anti static nylon half slip (yes, they not only exist but they really do work, even under the most electric polyesters!) underneath the wools and acrylics, and with my pale pink trench coat over the top, facing the wintery weather at 6.30am was made that little bit easier!

cupcake dots k


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