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Monday, May 16, 2011

Info Post
nibir g

Some nice things I got for our house last weekend...

nibir a

I think this is a nice way to keep my hair birds out of Babycat's eager little paws (and jaws!), and I want to do this with my hair flowers, too.

nibir b

nibir d

Two picture frames made out of ceramic tiles. Now I just need to find the perfect pictures for them.

nibir e

A yellow twin of my jade green sugar container! This one has an F for flour. I'm chuffed I found two same-same-but-differents, because that is so rare with vintage stuff!

nibir c

Big Puss, to hang out with Mr Pussy. But do they need neck bows? These are the questions we must ask ourselves, you know.

Plus some other bits and bobs, but that's all for now. And I'll see you tomorrow! x

nibir f


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