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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Info Post
I have fond memories of these Power Records comic book/audio adaptations of the Planet Of The Apes films (except Conquest - no doubt because it was so much darker and more violent than the others). Unfortunately, I no longer have any of these, dammit. I don't know who the artists were; most of the Power comics were prepared by Neal Adams' Continuity Associates, but they actual artists were uncredited.

I specifically recall getting the Escape book & record at our local K-Mart one Summer afternoon and being really anxious to get home to read it and listen to the accompanying audio dramatization on its 45 RPM record.  I remember that the Escape adaptation opened with a drawing of Taylor's spaceship in orbit over the Earth as the Alpha/Omega detonation turned it into a huge ball of fire. When I finally saw the actual movie, I was disappointed that it opened with the capsule already having splashed down.

I really need to post more about Power Records - their Star Trek, Space: 1999, POTA and Bionic book & record sets were so much a part of being a 70s Star Kid. There are several sites on the web where you can find MP3s of the records and pdfs of the comics. I like The Power Records Plaza, myself.


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