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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Picked up The Bionic Woman Season 2 DVDs last week. Despite widespread Internet complaints about the audio on some episodes, I haven't noticed anything particularly onerous, or, for that matter, unusual, and I'm more than halfway through the season. Some episodes do not sound "crystal clear," but as this is a 35+ years old show from the 70s Universal TV factory, that's to be expected. Too many "reviewers" online today are young tech-heads with no sense of context or perspective; complaining about muffled audio on a 70s TV show is like complaining that a 30's B-movie is in black & white.

As for the shows themselves, this is the season that opened with an uproarious, glorious Six Million Dollar Man crossover, "The Return of Bigfoot" (guest starring John Saxon!) and contained the ultimate (literally, as it was the last) Six Million Dollar Man-Bionic Woman crossover epic, "Kill Oscar," which also introduced the fan favorite fembots. In between, we have Jaime posing as a female wrestler, a policewoman, and a nun, and trading darkly humorous quips with Vincent Price. I'll be posting a full review shortly here and at my DVD Late Show site. Stay tuned.


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