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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I thought about it quite extensively today. Since I intend to only write once a day, what was it I thought was worth writing about. Attention whores getting arrested for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial? Meh. No, nothing really seemed all that fired-up important.

So, occasionally, I've decided to just write about things I like. Before we go any farther, here's the link to the thing I'm going to tell you why I like today.

It's the Peopel Blog. By Jesus Correa. Jesus Correa is one of those people you meet in a lifetime where everyone who meets him immediately asks the same question: is that real?

Yes, it's real. Why wouldn't it be? Sure, he has about 1% showman in him, but about 99% of it is just real, weird, genius.

Mostly he's not a blogger. He does paintings and comedy and musics and will occasionally run for mayor of a mid-sized American city for no particular reason. Or maybe he does have a reason. I don't know. I've been lucky enough to share the stage with him, or I was, until he had to pee, then he wasn't on the stage any more.

Places like this need peopel like him. He's one of the very, very few artists I've met who if you dropped him off in the most fashionable art district in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris, would just fit there.

He may never leave this place. I have doubts that he will. And that's sort of a shame.

That's about it. I have other things I like and I'll tell you about some of them, too, on occasion. Tell your mama, telegraph, telephone, tell a woman, I really don't give a fuck anymore.


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