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Monday, May 30, 2011

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pinhai d

dress now blouse, friends of couture // red pencil skirt, thrifted // contrast seamed stockings, tights by, I think, voodoo // shoes, wittner // cardigan, forever new

Hello! It has been a long time between posts, hasn't it? I had taken some photos and planned to do some posts with them, but they were never really quite complete sets, if you know what I mean. Do you ever get that?

pinhai e

pinhai c

Today I am wearing, for the first time, sort of, a blouse that used to be a dress. I say sort of because I wore the dress in its original state a few years ago, but I think I like it as a top much more. I never seem to have enough blouses and skirts, anyway, so I think this is a good use for a dress that simply didn't do it for me any more.

pinhai f

I have also decided to start wearing my hair up in rolls again. It's been ages, so I feel a bit out of practice! Not so much with the actual rolling, because that seems to be a skill you never really lose, kind of like riding a bike. What I feel rusty with is where to put rolls, which is something I felt I never fully got to grips with. What suits one person might not suit another! It's the fight between loving the big loops and swirls and rolls, and fearing making the impression of having a massive head. Practice makes perfect, though, so I have decided to do different updos everyday for a while. If you vintage-roll-wearing ladies have any suggestions on my roll placement, do drop me a line! I am always open to new tips and tricks, and to share them, in turn, as I learn and improve.

pinhai i

pinhai b

In what I think should really be in a separate post, I got me an absolute bounty of new make up the other day, and have now had a chance to try it out and make sure I am not allergic to any of it – and I'm not; hooray! My booty included a blusher brush, which I have had on my really-must-buy-but-will-I-ever-actually-get-round-to-it list for eons. It makes putting on blusher much more fun and glamourous, dahlings, as well as easier. And I love blusher. I have had a few requests to do a blusher post, which I am going to do. The coral shade I wear seems to get the most tutorial request (well, ok, two that I can think of off the top of my head this month) and if there is anything else blusher related, do let me know so I can include it in my post! I apply my blusher in a number of different ways, capricious creature that I am, so it'll take me a while to get all the pictures together. It will be fun, though!

pinhai h

And just how quickly does it feel like it's all getting a bit reader's wives when I do a stocking seam photo?! These are, in fact, seamed tights that ripped within the first hour of their first wear. The rip was in the side of the ugly knickers bit of the tights (attractive thought, yes?) and was caused by a metal zip, so I cut of the legs, keeping a good inch of the thicker meshy bit at the tops to work as a welt, to – hopefully – keep ladders at bay. So far, so good. Anyway, I prefer stockings, and I don't know how straight seams stay with tights, even with the hairspray trick. So this is a good compromise when contrast seamed stockings can't be found!

pinhai a

Finally, I got a new vintage mirror, which is now in my dark blue bathroom. I love it! See you soon, I promise :) x


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