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Friday, June 29, 2012

50s dress 50s lamp a
Hello hello! This post is happening far later than I had hoped, but I had an amazing afternoon sleep (take it when you can get it, I say) and only groggily came to about an hour ago. Earlier today I took some pics for a special post that is coming up soon – and wanted to say hello to you! So, hello, from me, next to my beautiful 1950s lamp (op shop good times!) and my beautiful 1950s dress (not op shopped, of course, but still good times, etsy good times) that I wore last Saturday but hid under my coat in a splendid moment of outfit post not-thinking-it-through-really. Here it is, properly!

I am so in love with 1950's cotton dresses at the moment. There is something about the soft material that just can't be replicated, and there is an abstractness (oh, that is a word then! Good good) to the prints that is so beautiful to me. I am slowly starting a bit of a collection of them, budget and availability allowing. I have a pinky-red, a blue and purple, and this green one. Peach next? Pale pink? Maybe yellow?!

I am sick and revolting at the moment and trying to imbibe as much vitamin C as I can (can you mainline the stuff?) because I really, really want – need! – to be better for the weekend. See how I am standing in what used to be the bedroom? Well, we have moved the bed into the study so.... we can start the floorboards! I am SO excited! SO many things get in the way of projects like this, and it feels amazing to see things start to happen. Now, I just have to make sure not to sneeze on them as I paint..! And, erm, on that lovely note, happy Friday and happy weekend!!! x

50s dress 50s lamp b


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