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Monday, June 25, 2012

shoe sale melissa and platforms
I've been going through my wardrobe and trying to get things to fit in it better and am starting to have some success. I now only have one clothes rack, woo! It's really hard but it needs to be done. I am also going through all my shoes and selling the ones that don't fit me that I still have because I love them. But they deserve to go to good homes to be loved by someone new! Here are two awesome pairs that just don't fit me properly. I am going to offer them here really cheap as I just need to get some space and it is sad to look at them and not be able to wear them. Can you give them the love?
black melissa ashanti boots2SOLD The black boots are the Melissa Ashantis, size 37, they show a little bit of wear but still have loads and loads of life left in them, still shiny and good! The heel height is so good for all day wear, and they are bouncy to walk in. And if you've never worn Melissas before and are wondering what the rubber feels like to wear: it's not at all sweaty! They are lined in a fuzzy feeling something, which is soft and comfortable and somehow manages breathe – but don't ask me what or how. They fit quite small, so I would suggest these for a size 36 or a small 37, or AU5-AU6. Yours for AU$40 + p+p (AU$15 in Aus)
green suede asos platform peeptoe wedges2SOLD The green suede ankle strap platform wedge peeptoes by asos are amazing, the perfect shade of dark green and the perfect height for walking in all day... but they are too big for me. They are a size 37 but I think they come up big, so keep that in mind. I'm so sad to sell these as they go with so many things, but I'm not going to wear them as they are a good full size too big. My loss, your gain? Yours for AU$20 + P+P (AU$15 in Aus)
Please leave me a comment or send me an email if you're interested :) and feel free to ask any questions too. x


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