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Monday, June 25, 2012

A year or so back when Seventies icon Farrah Fawcett was our Space Babe for July, 2011, I had a number of folks questioning a publicity still that pictured her in the black leather ensemble pictured in the Saturn 3 poster above (which, by the way, appears here courtesy of Jerome Wybon's Forgotten Silver blog). As I stated at the time, the actress wore the "futuristic" sexy outfit in a fantasy sequence deleted from most (and, until now, I assumed all) versions of Stanley Donen's quirky sci-fi thriller.

Well, Space: 1970 reader Jon Goss has unearthed a video of the "blue dreamers" scene, dubbed into German. (Thanks, Jon!) So, for all you curious Star Kids, here's that "lost scene" - Farrah shows up in the space dominatrix gear at around 2:36 - accompanied by some late 70s disco music:

Now, if only someone would release a proper, anamorphic widescreen DVD of this movie. The US disc from Artisan is a crappy, 4x3 presentation, and the UK one is widescreen, but not 16x9 enhanced. Saturn 3 is not a great film, but John Barry's production design is remarkable (I still like that robot), and the effects are pretty good, and it certainly has a "name" cast. I'm betting that if Carlton (current rights holders for the ITC library, I believe) re-issued it, it would probably sell pretty well.


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