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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Another example of how the original Star Trek had become a much larger phenomenon in the Seventies than it ever had during its original run, were the sheer number of nationally-distributed newsstand magazines devoted to the show. Virtually every issue of Starlog and Fantastic Films had one Trek article or more, of course, but then there were mags like the awkwardly-titled All About Star Trek Fan Clubs and this monthly fold-out poster magazine, which ran for at least 16 issues, from the Fall of 1976 to early 1978. Each issue had a handful of articles and would unfold to make a gigantic poster - basically a big, grainy, 34" x 22"  frame blow-up from the show.

Here's a gallery of some of the covers. Enjoy:

I had about a half-dozen of these issues, including a couple not pictured above. I had the poster of Uhura in her "Mirror Mirror" alternate universe uniform on my bedroom wall for several years.  Hard to believe now, but I thought a buck for one magazine - especially one that was so thin (because it was one huge sheet of paper folded over twice) - was a lot to pay back then, especially when that same buck could buy me four 32-page comic books. Ah... childhood economics....


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