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Sunday, June 24, 2012

green dress grey coat b Yesterday I wore what I think of as my autumnal watercolour vintage dress, a 1950s one in greens and yellows and blues. The colours are so perfect, I love them! I like how they match my hair and eyes so well, and you can't be having that in everything – and I'll enjoy it when I can! The dress is vintage and so is the coat, the shoes are my current favourite topshop shoes and the bag is from asos. I've realised you can see my gold bow back seam tights after all! They are from forever new and promptly got themselves into the wrong load after my first wear and were velcroed to John's bike gear in the washing machine. They've survived pretty well!

The dress is also rather good friends, when it comes to those colours, with my ginger waffles breakfast. It was really nice and quite a change from my usual weekend starts but it's good to try something new sometimes! Here's to a good week! x green dress grey coat cginger breakfastgreen dress grey coat egreen dress grey coat dgreen dress grey coat a


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