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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Yesterday I had the option of going on a long, all-day fishing trip or staying at home. Guess what I chose? I had a lovely, lazy day all to myself, and did some of those things you always mean to do but never quite have the time/inclination/bothered-ness for. I gave my pantry cupboard a thorough cleaning. Yep, exciting times! But, oh, you should see the order in there... I also watched Follow the Fleet (1936) and tried a lot of different hairstyles, which did give me a little more joy.

I tried out a few 1930's and 1940's styles, as I am finding the new length works pretty well for both. In fact it is working really well for 1940's styles, which is a nice surprise, as I thought it might be just that bit too short, but instead I'm finding the curls hold really well, and are far more manageable. This is exciting times! I've also been looking at different setting patterns, as I find that the direction of the pin curl is obviously much more important now, in my shorter hair.

I've also been doing a bit of post Christmas shopping – yay, sales, and double yay, from my couch! I have got a couple of things online that should be here soon. I also managed to squeeze in (oh, I tried so very hard) some pre Christmas shopping, too. I have been on a mission to get some jumpers. I don't often see ones I like, so having certain styles in fashion at the moment means I am making hay. This is one of them – I wanted a black jumper with a white collar for the longest time, and now? I have one!

I had wanted this to have a few more pictures, but yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn't get the photos in focus. Maybe I spent too much energy on the pantry. I will also share my hair adventures (hairventures?) with you as they come along! x

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