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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas e

Christmas for me involves lots (and lots and lots) of days of celebrating with family. We started on Christmas Eve day – the morning – and were home for Boxing Day. No sales for us though. Just some much needed sleep.

It was absolutely lovely, and, after all the build up, even more enjoyable than I had hoped. These are from our Christmas Day's evening, a much smaller party than Christmas Eve's one, with just eleven of us. Fried cheese (I can't say its name, never mind spell it; I must get it written down for me) with vanilla-and-pepper figs is delicious. Yum.

We also had terrible storms on Christmas Day. We were lucky and escaped with just two leaks in our roof and, magically, thankfully, no broken windows. We then ended up driving through the storm – well, I suppose it was a white Christmas of sorts, although I don't think hail stones were quite what were in mind! Not everyone was as lucky as us. I do hope you and your homes are all ok.

I also hope you've had a wonderful few days, too! x

christmas a
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