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Thursday, December 15, 2011

topshop launch dress a

dress :: trashy diva
shoes :: topshop, online, about a year ago

Last Wednesday night I was chuffed to be invited to the Topshop launch party. Yes, I know, last Wednesday, I am not exactly on top of things time wise! It's just that time of year... and I have lots of nice posts to come, too!

Anyhoo. I have been waiting for Topshop to come to Australia for, oh... how long? I think so long that I had accepted that Topshop would always be, to me here in Melbourne, that website where at least I could buy some of their stuff, and hey, they shipped to Aus! And it wasn't exorbitant! I had learned not to be too down and out here down under.

So, when news broke that we were getting an actual store here I was pretty interested. I could now try on the shoes; I could see what the quality of the clothes was like before buying – because everything can look good in photos – and I would, presumably, have access to stuff that never made it to the online store. Hooray!

One thing I have realised over the past few weeks is that I really don't have enough party clothes. Seriously! I have actually been sensible collecting day dresses and so on, so I have plenty of nice things for everyday wear – but what about after hours? As problems go, I think this is a good one – and one that will be most fun to remedy.

It did, however, mean that by the launch, I wasn't entirely sure of what to wear. (Yeah, I know, big decisions, right?) I'm obviously not a mainstream fashion girl, but did I want to look like I belonged, even in some small way, at a mainstream fashion party? I genuinely like the sparkly shorts trend at the moment – so 1930's showgirl! – and really do want some shorts, but I don't want to feel I am wearing something simply to blend in. Anyway, the night before I had been at the vintage book launch, and loved wearing, and being surrounded by, vintage finery. It's what I am most comfortable in; that's why I wear it. So I decided to again enjoy my vintage style fully – well, ahem, apart from my hair, it dropped out, very sad – and wore my Trashy Diva dress. I was probably the only girl there in a 1950's full-skirted style dress with a late 1930's-early1940's inspired print.. and I loved it.

Here are some pics from the night. Of course I am absolutely kicking myself for not actually doing any shopping. I honestly have forgotten how to buy things in real shops – but that's another post for another time. John did better than me, and bought an amazing bird print shirt. I might just have to steal it one day. (I'm only joking, Johnny! Or am I?) I enjoyed some delicious apple cocktails and admired many pairs of shoes and several pairs of fantastic shorts. The heavily embellished ones in the picture were amazing, and I really, really, want a pair... and of course they are now sold out. Damn! There are some almost-as-amazing and definitely-more-wearable-more-often black velvet high waisted ones that I absolutely have to go and buy. It would have made far more sense for me to try and buy on the launch night, but they are worth braving the queues for next weekend!

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