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Monday, December 26, 2011

First, I have sad news to announce: for reasons that will become apparent in May of the upcoming year, I will not have time for my beloved annual feature, the Summer of Blood, in 2012.

Here's the exciting bit, though. Since I love that feature as much as I continually tell myself that all of you do, I'm not just going to throw up my hands and not even try to do any classic horror in the year to come. Instead, I will be celebrating an entire calendar of violent death in my first-ever Year of Blood.

Beginning on 1 January, 2012, and going all the way to next New Year's Eve, here at Antagony & Ecstasy we'll be exploring the many faces of holiday-themed horror by looking at some of the many slashers and other genre pictures to tie their plot to a specific date. Or in some cases, a movie that just has a nice thematic resonance. We're going to get things started with the lesser-known of 1980's two New Year's horror pictures: a Canadian effort starring one of slasherdom's most important stars.


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