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Friday, December 23, 2011

green room a

So, Christmas is more or less here, presents are (hopefully) bought, possibly not wrapped, food is prepared, champagne is chilled, and nerves are suitably taut. I decided that this would be the best week to paint our bedroom, which I might or might not regret now, at least timing wise, but I do love the colour. I went with "pale spring", really rather appropriate when I chose it back in, um, spring, but it looks great and I am really happy it is finally done. I'm going to have plenty of plants in here to keep this one company!

Yesterday evening I picked up our fruit and veg. We use an amazing service that has boxes of local, organic produce, and it's always a surprise what we are going to get, as it is only what is in season and good at the time. I quite like this delving into the unknown. I walked home with my basket (bear with me, it was part of my country village lifestyle fantasy, but it was too heavy for the basket and my metal wheely nanna wagon will replace rustic nirvana next time) in some late afternoon golden sunshine. I then made a cheesecake before eating a basil salad and some fresh asparagus with butter and pepper, watching the end of the sunset through the window.

Thank you SO much for the lovely comments about my hair; and I was kind of nervous about posting it, too! I absolutely do want to try red hair, so we'll wait and see... anyway. I probably won't post it unset, but this here was not set the night before, and the day before I had my first go at this length with smooth, sculpted waves – lots of brill cream and lacquer – and this is what it did of its own accord. I am quite pleased, really – still plenty of bounce to work with!

We are going to be with family for Christmas Eve day and Christmas day proper, so I probably won't be able to post or answer questions and emails for a day or two. Still, I am sure you will be busy with your own Christmases, and I hope they are good ones! Have a great time, and I'll see you soon x

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