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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

matteos dress h

Last Friday the Mr and I had a romantic dinner for two. It was a nice way to celebrate being in Australia for eight (eight!) years, even if we were a few days late! Late, late for a very important eight..? Anyway, this is what I wore on a hot-cold sun-never-really-rose kinda day; an Alannah Hill silk dress, black jacket via an op shop, vintage dark red semi circle bag, seamed stockings and dark red wedges from Rubi. Thanks to the Mr for patiently taking my photos! Yes, I used to take my own pics in laneways once upon a time, but carrying a tripod to a dinner date? I'm not there yet.

(Everyone wants to know what it's like to walk in these outrageously high shoes, and the answer is completely fine – in fact, they are very comfortable. They kinda bounce!)

It was a fantastic meal and I will share pics of what we ate (eight?!) next time.

matteos dress e
matteos dress a
matteos dress g


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