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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

                                            Tuesday  May 29, 1852

Mrs. Thornton and I had our first argument today. Well, perhaps it was not quite an argument, but I did speak quite adamantly when she spoke so unfavorably of John’s accomplishment in providing a workers’ kitchen. I must try to keep my voice more tempered when others do not see things as I do.

Fanny came to tea this afternoon and tried to offer me marital advice! It was all I could do to keep my composure. She has obviously quite a different marriage than I.

She reminded us all of the Milton ball which is forthcoming. John was fortunate enough to escape our little gathering before she graced Mrs. Thornton and I with all the myriad details of preparation for such a social enterprise. The Milton Ladies Society was very astute to have put Fanny on the planning committee, as she seems to have a very fine head for every last arrangement.

Normally, I am not eager to attend such events, but I cannot help but feel a little excitement at the thought of being introduced to Milton society as Mrs. John Thornton.  It still seems a thing amazing to me, that I should be his wife.  Sometimes, when I see him all properly dressed as Master of Marlborough Mills, I blush and smile at the thought of what we have shared. And often, I am filled with awe that among all the people on this earth, I should know him so intimately.

I must admit that Fanny’s comments have given me pause to consider what might be expected in most marriages. And now I wonder if perhaps John and I should not be so eager to come together. I do not know what is proper and should hate to think that I am influencing him unduly.  After all, he is a highly respected figure in Milton.
         Perhaps I should ask him this evening.


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The Author

The author of these guestposts is Trudy Brasure who has  written and published a sequel to North and South, "A Heart for Milton".
Trudy Brasure is a hopeless romantic and a history enthusiast with a penchant for the Victorian Era. She enjoys steeping her imagination into the past to create stories that entrance the heart as well as capture the essence of the age. She writes most often in the morning, before her three children awake and homeschooling begins.
The author began her own personal romance story with a whirlwind courtship. Her married life started in a picturesque colonial town on the coast of Massachusetts. She now resides in California, where she and her family endeavor to enjoy the beauty of nature whenever possible.
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