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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Book

When Margaret Hale hastily rejected the wealthy industrialist's fervent marriage proposal, she could not have foreseen the events that would lead her to change her mind and open her heart. But was it too late now to let the handsome, brooding mill owner know? Set amidst the clamor of Victorian England's Industrial Revolution, this is a tale of hope, trial, and love's fulfillment. Based on the novel 'North and South' by Elizabeth Gaskell, this book weaves a change in the original plot to create a beautiful continuation of an enduring love story.

The giveaway

A Heart For Milton is the sequel to Elizabeth Gaskell's "North and South" by Trudy Brasure. The giveaway contest closing today has been running  for two weeks and has been connected to the two entries from Margaret Hale Thornton's post honeymoon diary written by Trudy Brasure for the readers of FLY HIGH: part I and part II.

The winner has been chosen via among the commenters of both diary pages (two comments, two chances to win) and will get the book directly from the author, Trudy Brasure , whom I want to thank heartily for being such a  kind and generous guest. I loved her pieces and her answers to your questions  as Margaret. .

And now, the name of the lucky winner. The signed copy of "A Heart for Milton" with a special dedication from the author goes to ... 



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