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Thursday, April 28, 2011

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For the past few months I've had the urge to bedeck myself in jewels. Jewels, trinkets, baubles – basically little shiny and sparkly things have suddenly started to appeal to me. For a long time now I haven't really worn any jewelry and had preferred a plainer, simpler look, but things change and evolve with time. I have waited a bit, to see if it was just a passing fancy, but the desire is still there.

So, today I got a ring. I love big, intricate rings at the moment, so this one fitted the bill for me. The colours – dark warm toned metal with paler pinky-coppery stones – are perfect for me, not only for the coming winter months but this lovely sunny hot spell we are having here in Melbourne at the moment, too. They also suit my black nails perfectly.

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I also saw some amazing articulated rings today, which are next on my list. Along with brooches, ornate chokers and, just maybe, very loooooong earrings... we'll see! x

EDIT: oops, I forgot! While in a perfect world, every bijoux I owned would be antique and have a wonderful history, this is the real world, and life isn't always like that!
Ring :: Lovissa

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