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Monday, April 18, 2011

neac a

Well hello there! I have been an absent blogger lately, and I do apologise. I have been struck down with an especially nasty bout of sinusitis and have spent the past week getting over it. I feel – and perhaps even more pertinently, due to the nature of blogging, look – as though I have been punched in the face twice (left and right eye) but I finally seem to be on the mend.

Anyway, as few things are more boring than listening to someone complain about everyday ailments, I'll move on to what we are really here for. These are three accessories I look forward to wearing in the upcoming cooler weather.

I have had them all for at least a few months, waiting for their chance to see the world again; as they are all second hand, I assume they have enjoyed previous lives. I have loved turbans for who knows how long, but only managed to get round to fashioning one out of a scarf once or twice. And then a couple of months ago, I came across this one, in a beautiful shade of copper brown that I love so much. I also noticed today, when photographing it, that I have a pair of elbow length roughed vintage gloves in the same shade…

neac b

vintage turban and hat, could-be-70s could-be-modern clutch :: various op shops

The fluffy faux fur hat is one of those things that looks better on. I really look forward to wearing it this winter with plenty of pinky-red blusher and, of course, very red lips.

And the green suede clutch – I just love this shade of green! I actually got this little bag over a year ago, but never really felt the need to use it, until now. Isn't it funny how things just have their right time? Although I find bags bags without straps far too impractical for day wear, I know that it will be a great pop of colour for evening. And bright colours, as we all know, are very much the in thing this season. Not that I care about trends, of course, I just know about them. And I am pretty sure I will be enjoying a few of them in the coming months – sometimes the things you like just happen to be in!

neac d


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