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Friday, April 15, 2011

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Before this past weekend, I didn't realize how much people loved and admired Sidney Lumet. In fact, he was always my go-to choice for most underrated directors. The guy directed a handful of true classics, as well as some of film's greatest performances ever. I'm happy the see an outpouring of love since Lumet passed away, though I obviously wish it was under different circumstances.

Anyway, I started thinking about some of the other filmmakers that I don't think get enough credit. My official top 10 list on this is coming Sunday. But before that gets finalized, I want to hear some of your choices. Who do you think is totally underrated as a director? Which current filmmaker deserves a big break? And which classic directors do you think deserve more credit for their work?

P.S. Christopher Nolan doesn't count.


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