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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Info Post
"Not at home, sorry, flown to Tasmania today". Ah! If  only!  I'd love to visit Australia sooner or later.  I dream of going. What has actually happened so far is that...  I'm visiting at Mesmered's Blog today, chatting with my dear friend  and talented writer, Prue Batten, about teaching, literature, blogging and, of course,  Richard Armitage. She lives in Tasmania, Australia.

It's not my first time there at Mesmered's. I took part in Lady Mesmered's Masked Ball just one year ago (my Gaia De Blanche went to the party with Lord Armitage ... HERE or HERE) . It's such a pleasant corner of the blogosphere...why don't you join us?

Just click HERE. I'll see you there! 


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