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Friday, April 29, 2011

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Since I love everything British, I recognize and I admit, I am totally biased. I want to be  completely honest. But please, grumpy criticizers all over the world, anarchists and anti-royalists out there, let me be excited and proud of this very special, romantic, exceptional event. You've got enough for today? Just don't go on reading, click and go! Escapism? Yes, please! Mindless entertainment? Can't do without, lately. Remember: I live in Italy. Do you remember who represent my country in the eyes of the rest of the world? Yes, you do! Do you remember why he is so often in the news ? You do, of course. 
So, please, let  me rejoice for this sunbeam of happiness and enthusiasm, between a war and a bomb attack. Let me dream about this new colourful, tender, royal tale. Cinderella Middleton, or better, commoner Kate - since she's not as poor as lovely Cindy- has just married her prince. Prince William.  And everything was perfect! London, the crowded streets and merry cheer, the flags, Westminster Abbey, the choir and the music, the flowers, the horses, the bride and her royal groom, the illustrious pompous guests. So British, so far from our everyday reality. Allow me this suspension of disbelief, this harmless (but very expensive to the British finances, I know) way of blocking out the real world, of seeing other people's lives achieve the happiness we all dream about. 

I'm proud I could watch two English Royal Weddings so far, on tv or youtube,  but that's great enough as well. Princess Diana's story was a sad, tragic tale which moved millions of people all over the world. However sad , it was a touching story, full of sorrow and pain.  Let's hope Princess Kate's destiny be happier and less tragic. Let's hope this beautiful young couple can  honorably represent a proud nation in the eyes of the rest of the world.  
At this point, I want to make it clear , to tell you why I absolutely couldn't miss this not so trivial reality show: not only because it was so close to  my beloved costume drama and definitely similar to one of my favourite romances. Yes, there are other reasons. Five reasons are the ones Maureen Ryan pointed out in this lovely article yesterday, one is totally mine : a desperate need of a fairy tale. Remember: I live in Italy.

See videos and highlights at The Royal Channel


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