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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hello! This is just a quick post to tell you about a couple of things. First is that I am not going to have laptop access for a couple of days. Sharing a laptop (with husband-to-be) is getting pretty inconvenient; I think getting our own is the way to go, yes?

hapshe d

Another thing is that I am having a bit of a (very difficult) letting-go session with my wardrobe, and will be selling some things over on my sales blog. I know it is such a selling cliche but some of these things in particular are teetering on the I-can't-actually-let-them-go brink, so if you see a listing disappear for no apparent reason, you know that I have changed my mind!

At the moment I have some shoes on there (including an Alannah Hil pair), and I will be adding more pieces, including some dresses, when I can.

hapshe c

Finally: oh, just some nice things on my nice shelves at the moment! I finally found a cat. How hard is it to find cats?! I have only come across one before, one of those awesome slender Siamese cat ones, but he was missing an ear. With his head held high on an angle he was like a proud fighting kitteh, and I am not sure if ally cat chic is really what I want. Anyway, I have named my one Mr Pussy, a name I have shamelessly stolen from the amazing blog Spitalfield Life – read about the author's cat there and learn why. I think my cat is a boy cat, albeit a very dandy one, with his jaunty little red bow.

What are you up to for the rest of your weekends? Whatever it is, enjoy it – and I hope it involves internet access if you need it hehe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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